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      1. Motion Control

        Innovation and Efficiency for High Performance Architectures

        We understand machine builder challenges and deliver high-performance motion control systems to help meet your goals. If you want to innovate your machine or drive efficiency in your design, we offer easy-to-use, integrated motion solutions. Our portfolio includes various industrial motion products, software, and modular track systems.

        Servo Drives, Servo Motors, & Actuators

        Servo Drives, Servo Motors, & Actuators

        We offer servo drives, servo motors, and actuators.

        • Servo drives extend from compact single-axis to high-performance multi-axis for various applications
        • Rotary and linear servo motors and actuators provide a wide range of output power for a variety of environmental challenges
        • Integrated linear actuators provide flexible servo control through accurate positioning and quick-building forces

        Track Systems

        Track Systems

        The iTRAK? Intelligent Track System is a modular, scalable linear motor system that allows independent control of multiple movers on straight or curvilinear paths.

        • Eliminates the need for rotary driven chains, belts, and gears
        • Replaces hardware with simple, effective software profiles, redefining speed and flexibility in automation

        Intelligent Conveyor Systems

        Intelligent Conveyor Systems

        MagneMotion? is a modular, flexible, and highly controllable transport and positioning solution for large and small loads.

        • Helps increase throughput and efficiency
        • Provides a lower cost of ownership compared to conventional conveyor systems
        • Includes a broad range of industrial applications such as automotive and general assembly, packaging, and material handling


        We offer exceptional knowledge and service to help you design, implement, and support your automation investment.